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Rungrown Bed

Rungrown Bed
Rungrown Bed
furniture-ville Canada furniture-ville Genuine
This Bed features 3.5" Posts, Clean Lines and Circular Sawn Texture.
Available in:
  • King - 56-1/4"H 81-1/2"W 89-5/8"L
  • Queen - 56-1/4"H 65-1/2"W 89-5/8"L
  • Double - 56-1/4"H 58-1/2"W 83-5/8"L
  • Single - 56-1/4"H 43-1/2"W 83-5/8"L

  • 3 Footboard Heights 30"H (Shown), 22"H and 16"H
  • Storage Drawers available in Siderails or Footboard​

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